starting May 25, 2020


The great number of historical and artistic testimonies from all ages make our Country, from this point of view, the richest in the world. Among them, the Venetian Villas are noteworthy. They are distributed in a wide area across two regions, and are subject of study, cataloging and conservation by the “Venetian Villas Regional Institute” (I.R.V.V.).

The catalog includes not only villas built during the flourishing of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, but also those built in the period following its fall (1797) and up to the 19th-20th century, for a total of over 4,200 buildings.

The Ari section of Mestre (cod. 30-04 – ASC W13) considers it very interesting spreading the knowledge of such a huge heritage, promoting the Diploma of the Venetian Villas, dedicated exclusively to them.

The diploma has been proposed for the 40th anniversary of activity of our Section, considering it as a natural evolution of the former “Venetian Villas Diploma of the Riviera del Brenta”, established in 1995, with the intention of spreading the knowledge of these architectural jewels, of which Italy is proud.


The events of the COVID-19 health emergency and the measures taken at national level in addition to the local measures adopted to combat the spread of the virus, prompted ARI Mestre to temporarily modify, effective 1th April 2020, the rules of the “Ville Venete” Diploma (D.V.V.) to allow activators to operate from home. Moreover, the quorum required for hunters to apply for the diploma was abolished along with the abolition of the rule that requested to work some provinces, and this because portable activity was not allowed.

Our Section also took into consideration, as for the previous award, that propagation condition is still very low and inconstant. This difficulty can force the activator who is operating in handset mode to be unable to reach the quorum and to return to the same place to complete it.

For these considerations and for what emerged during the COVID-19 emergency, it was finally decided to substantially modify the original rules and remove the request for provinces.

General rules

To apply for the diploma, all villas located in the following 10 Provinces (Venice, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza, Verona, Belluno, Rovigo, Pordenone, Udine and Gorizia) situated in 2 regions (Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia) are taken into consideration.

The Venetian Villas are coded by a progressive number by ARI Mestre in compliance with the following scheme: DVVnnnn (DiplomaVilleVeneteReference number).

The complete list of villas can be downloaded from the diploma website at

All Italian and foreign OM/SWL who will carry out the prescribed number of QSO/HRD are eligible for the diploma.

QSOs are valid from 1st September 2017 on every HF band, WARC inluded, and all mode. QSO/HRD via radio link are not valid.

The diploma is permanent and free of charge, and will be issued on request in the electronic format of a JPG or PDF file.

Activators and hunters will be able to check their standing on the diploma website (, with the possibility to request any diploma when qualified.

The certificates will be sent out by the Manager via e-mail.

Diploma holders will be entitled to show this title on their QSL cards and correspondence.

Rules for Hunters

These rules are also valid for radio amateurs and SWLs of ARI Mestre

The following types of certificates are available:





DX Stations





EU Stations





Italian Stations





he “EXCELLENCE” level, upgrades will be available for every 50 new QSO/HRD.

To obtain the diploma, SWLs must send a log extract with the list of HRDs carried out, showing the date, UTC time, call sign of the correspondent, frequency, Villa code. The other data are optional.

They must also indicate a valid e-mail for receiving the diploma which will be dispatched by the Manager after due checks.

Requests for the diploma must be addressed to the Award Manager I3VAD at

On the
web page of ARI Mestre you will be able to browse the list of activated villas, awards ready for download, and the list of activators.

Rules for Activators

For the validation of any activation of a Venetian Villa, activators must abide by the following, simple rules:

1) The Villas can be activated by any OM, both Italian or foreigner. To avoid overlaps, it is mandatory for anyone to first notify the manager; on the website you can find both news about forthcoming activations and activated villas;

2) only the Venetian Villas that appear in the list compiled by ARI Mestre which will also provide a unique reference number such as DVVnnnn (DiplomaVilleVeneteReference number) are eligible for the activation. The complete list of villas can be downloaded from the diploma website at If the activated villa has also a reference for some other diploma (i.e. DCI, WSHA, etc.), these can be passed during the activity along with the DVV reference. There is no foreclosure to the simultaneous activation from other sites near the villa for activity related to other awards and done in respect of their rules. Anyway, even in this case, the DVV reference has to be mentioned.

Activation from own home

3) it is allowed to activate any Venetian Villa from the own QTH, limited to those villas existing in the Comune where you live and, in any case, not more than 1000 meters away from the house if in a neighboring municipality (take a look at the list which is available on the official website of the diploma). Exception to this restriction is possible, please get in touch with the manager who will evaluate your request on a case-by-case basis.

4) Only for Members of the ARI Section of Mestre.

it is possible to activate Venetian Villas from your home without any distance limit, only for those villas existing in your municipality of residence and neighboring municipalities exclusively in the territory of the province of Venice, namely Campagna Lupia, Chioggia, Marcon, Martellago, Mira, Quarto d ‘Altino, Scorzè and Spinea, as per the Ville Venete list. (consult the list available on the official website of the Diploma)

5) At least 60 QSOs must be made.

Activation in /p

6) The transmitting radio station must be placed with utmost respect for the environment and within a maximum radius of 500 meters from the Villa itself, or its boundaries in case the access to the Villa is forbidden. In this case, the activator must report it in the “comments” section of the accreditation form.

7) At least 50 QSOs must be made;

8) On the same day two villas can be activated, with the same call sign, but not simultaneously;

9) In case of activation by multiple operators with different call signs, from the second a number of 30 QSO will be needed per call sign.

10) Activators must send to the Award Manager ( within 15 days from the activation completion a compressed folder containing the accreditation form filled in all its parts, the log (exclusively in ADIF format) with the data of the QSOs carried out and a photographic documentation of the activated Villa and the portable stations. OM residents on the place will only send (for the first time) a statement on their honor that their domicile, where the station must be located, is not far away from the concerned Villa more than what stated according to the rules written above.

The log must have the following identifier: CALL SIGN + REFERENCE + PROGRESSIVE ACTIVATION NUMBER (Example: I3VAD_DVV00346_001 for the first activation; I3VAD_DVV00346_002 for the second activation, etc.);

11) If an activation is NOT completed, it is not allowed to make other activations with the same call sign until the pending operation is completed. A maximum time of 3 (THREE) months is considered a reasonable time for completion;

12) If an activation is not approved by the manager because it is flawed by serious mistakes or negligence, or if all the rules have not been respected, it cannot be activated again with the same call sign. However, QSOs / HRDs performed by OM and SWL are safe;

13) A QSO from an activation log can also be a reference for the Activator in case he / she wants to apply for the Hunter Award.

The following types of certificates are available:










After the “EXCELLENCE” level, there will be an advancement for 100 activated villas and then upgrades will be available for every 50 new QSO/HRD.

The A.R.I. branch of Mestre has the right to make to this Regulation all the changes deemed appropriate for updating.

Mestre, 25 May 2020